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Welcome to Back of Beyond in Gurugoda, Yala .
Traditional clay walls, thatched roof. This is a house built in a pattern typical of the dry zone Sri Lanka in the South. Open area «Pila» for communication and sleep, house and garden, which merge with the nearby jungle, which stretch for many kilometers. This inspired us to create our small cottage in Gurugoda, Yala, adding, of course, accessories for luxury — linens and a modern bathroom with everything you need.

This is a refuge you will love, because it will be your place of return after a safari in Yala, or after a long day of research on the ancient sites of Ruhuna. Lie on the open verandah and watch the moon rise above the invisible edge of the ocean. Stay here for a while, and you will appreciate the romance of distance living in the dry zone of the island away from noisy cities.

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To Yala you can get from Colombo on the Pelmadulla-Udawalawe road — Tanamawilla (about 5 hours), or along the Southern Highway and the southern coastal road (about 6 hours). To some, the road will seem tiring, and almost half way to Yala you can make a comfortable stop in one of the most paradisiacal places of Sri Lanka — in KahandamodaraKalamatiya, in one of several hotels owned by Lankarus . For example, in Villa Modara, Turtle Bay, as well as in the hotels of our friends and partners throughout the region.
Gurudaga is located near the Yala National Park, the Ruhuna region. From the cottage Back of Beyond to the entrance to the park only 15 minutes, and 10 minutes drive to the nearest town Kirinda.

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There is one room in the cottage that accommodates 3 guests, an open veranda with additional 2 beds and an open dining area. The cottage has a modern toilet and shower. In accordance with the feeling of Yala and the philosophy of all the hotels in the Back of Beyond network, air conditioning and TV are not available in this village cottage. Sri Lankan and Western dishes will be served to you in the dining room. If you plan to spend the day in Yala, we can prepare a meal for a picnic.
We can place your driver in a separate headquarters.

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What to do?
Naturally, visit Yala — the Ruhuna National Park! Despite the fact that the park is known for the fact that there is the largest concentration of leopards in the world, Yala is much more than the area of ​​monitoring leopards. Herds of elephants, single males of elephants, bears, wild buffaloes, deer, samburs, crocodiles, countless birds, butterflies, trees, landscapes… the list goes on.
Early in the morning we recommend that you leave the cottage at 5:45 am to be at the gate of the park as it opens. The best time to leave the cottage for the afternoon tour is about 15-30. If you prefer to spend the whole day in the park, divide the trip into 2 parts, stopping in the picnic gap and take a trip to Menik Ganga.

For Yala, there is much more that can be explored in this part of the island.

The coastline here is strong and wild. Rocky rocks, red, black and white beaches, mountain ponds and sand dunes will give you an excuse to walk along the beach for many hours. You can access the nearest beach in 5 minutes walk on the road from the property.

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If you are a bird lover, Bundala (40 minutes drive) and Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary (1.5 hours to drive) offer excellent places to observe, especially during the migratory season.

The remains of the civilization of the kingdom of Ruhuna, which goes beyond two thousand years, are scattered everywhere. Among the nearby are well-known places Kirinda (15 min drive ), Sithulpahuwa (45 min to drive), Tissamaharamaya (20 minutes to drive) and Kataragama (45 min to drive), as well as less visited ones — Yathala (about 30 min. on the road), and Thelulla Dagoba (30 minutes on the road).

Explore accommodation options at Back of Beyond hotels by Lankarus in the the following places: Sigiriya, Anuradhapura, Kahandamodara.

Аddress: Back of Beyond, Gurugoda, Kirinda, Yala, Sri Lanka

Сost of accommodation for 2 guests in the cottage, depending on the food plan — from 92 USD (with breakfast) to 138 USD (peak season, full board) per day . The cottage offers accommodation up to 6 guests.
Please check with your Lankarus manager about your meal plan.


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