Magampura Eco Village Resort

Ayubowan! May you have a long life!
Magampura Eco Village Resort — eco-friendly hotel, which is located at the foot of the historically famous mountain Wedihitikanda, and is enriched by gifts and clean air from thick green forests. A magnificent semicircle of panorama from east to west opens a unique view for visitors. It is an environmentally friendly hotel with infrastructure, sewage treatment and water treatment facilities.
The resort is the perfect haven for you without a noisy urban environment. Here, only the pleasure of singing and the roar of local birds that fly to the trees at the top of the resort.

Saraii Village

When we promise to show you the Entity of Sri Lanka — we promise a house on the tops of trees, delicious food, a place to relax and wild adventures. Saraii Village — it's more than just words. So come and discover the delights of the market offers that Sri Lanka is famous for in terms of eco-friendly accommodation.

Saraii Village — one of the most environmentally friendly at Sri Lanka houses for travelers who are looking for authenticity on their vacation, and for those who are looking for new adventures, photographing and leaving only long traces of memory in our hearts.
Saraii Village — one of the most sought-after hotels in Weerawila. It is located in a private estate in the middle of the dry zone of the south of Sri Lanka. Our clay chalets are designed in accordance with the real traditions of Sri Lankan rural houses, which certainly means the concept of «open-air».

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