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Manor House Concepts presents in Lankarus one of the tropical beach hotels in Tangalle, Sri Lanka. This is a chic villa and a seaside shoot barefoot in luxury. The stunning final design of the architect Geoffrey Bawa offers intimacy and space for family, own pleasure or weddings. It is also a good starting point for whale watching trips and leopard safaris at Yala Park. This hotel in Tangalle is just a short drive from the Mulkirigala Rock Temple, where visitors can see the temple and the monastery carved into the rock. There is also a Dutch fort in Matara and more famous UNESCO World Heritage sites inGalle Fort.

This beautiful beach hotel in Tangalle in Sri Lanka is ideal for couples, looking for a luxurious, peaceful home on the beach or for groups traveling together who wish to rent a whole house for their holiday. Guests can enjoy a spacious pool and garden or stroll on the quiet beach. While staying at The Last House, try delicious dishes from local seafood along with a variety of other delicacies. Our staff wants to make your stay at The Last House, Tangalle very special.

One of the best beach hotels in Sri Lanka
Beach and chic in the hotel. As the latest example of Geoffrey Bawa's work under his famous brand of architecture throughout Sri Lanka, this hotel offers 6 rooms on the beach. Escape to space, airiness and barefoot luxury in a private place.

Decor throughout the hotel is largely a combination of fresh white walls and gray polished cement floors acting as a backdrop to a mixture of antique furniture and contemporary art. Everything is decorated with bright colors. A great choice if you look at where to stay in Tangalle.

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Bedrooms offer a view of the sea or the lagoon, in the tropical garden with a central pool. With family, friends or as a couple, enjoy a stay in one of the luxury hotels on the beach in Sri Lanka. The Last House — a truly tranquil tropical shelter next to the Indian Ocean.

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The house can be booked as a room or the whole house, and is staffed, including a chef, accommodating up to 14 guests. It is well-suited for couples and families, and is located at the end of the unspoilt Mavella beach.

The Last House provides a typically seaside holiday combined with various wonders of wildlife, culture and cultural heritage on the south coast. For those who are planning their special day, you could consider The Last House in a stunning location for a wedding, as in one of the best beach hotels in Sri Lanka.

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More than at home… than a hotel… it's not just a set of rooms. You have the choice of booking the whole house or one spacious room Cinnamon Hill Suite, Moonamal, Atteriya and Na, individually.

Entire house
Includes all the rooms described below plus one extra small bedroom attached to the Cinderella Hill Suite, which is best suited for young children.

Cinnamon Hill Suite
Upstairs. It is a spacious, large bedroom with views of the ocean and garden. With a large bathroom with toilet, shower, bath and iron double sink. There is a lot of space to wander around, with a balcony and overlooking the beach. Well suited for private dinners, if required.

In addition, there is one large twin bedroom also overlooking the sea and garden, in this stunning boutique hotel in Sri Lanka. Bathroom with toilet, shower, bath and iron double sink. Adjacent with bathroom and bedroom, is part of a small double room with no sea view. Available if required. The room is especially suitable for children.

Any of these rooms must be booked separately, and will be exclusively as another room, and will not be occupied once you have booked your chosen half of this adjacent huge room.

On the first floor and separate from the main house, with a large double bed overlooking the sea, with doors opening onto the front and rear gardens. Bathroom with toilet, shower and sink, with access to the open courtyard, with separate double bath and shower area.

On the first floor and separate from the main house, with a large double bed overlooking the sea, with doors opening onto the front and rear gardens. Bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin.

On the first floor, at the back of the building and separate from the main house, with a large double bed, overlooking a small lagoon, accompanied by its wild nature, with access to the rear garden. Extensive windows overlook a wide area, as well as one smaller window — framing the quintessence of Bava — reveals a view of the beach and the ocean. Bathroom with toilet and shower.

All of the above 3 rooms in our luxury hotel in Tangalle have double beds with mosquito nets and ceiling fans. One extra bed can be added to the Moonamal room only.

All our bedrooms have their own bathroom and toilet. Every day your room will be cleaned, and beds will be refueled. Our staff is always available for check-in and check-out from the hotel 24 hours a day.

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Any object so close to the beach at will offers fresh and healthy seafood dishes, and The Last House is no exception. We will offer delicious alternatives for those who are looking for more variety. Our cuisine has been developed over time using regular consultations with cooks with experience in Australia, the UK, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Dinner can be started with crab salad with spicy coconut sauce or with seafood soup with lemon grass and lime leaves. The main dish — from crispy crust snapper fillet with coconut seasoning until given with sauce. Or try Rajasthan lamb curry with basmati rice and fresh coriander. The full choice of Sri Lankan Curry, of course, remains popular and it's favorite part of the kitchen among our guests. The whole meal will end with an assortment of desserts.

For lunch, we serve a variety of salads, including local lobster, prawns and tuna, tempura mix / meze mix, or risotto seafood.

Breakfast (included in the room price), as a rule, offers you fine mixtures of fruit juices depending on the season, somehow cooked eggs, pancakes, muesli, cereals and some special dishes of a typical breakfast in Sri Lanka… all this with the choice of real ceylon tea or coffee.

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Outreach Work
The collective The Last House is proud to be associated with the local school, which suffered as a result of the catastrophic tsunami in 2004. After the damage and destruction of some district schools, and in memory of the late wife of the owner Sarah, we donated money to build a small primary kindergarten.

Generous funding from philanthropists from Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and many other countries helped the school grow into a vivid example of Montessori's methods. Schools still need funding, and every time a guest stays for 2 nights or more, $ 5 from any payment goes directly to the financing of the Santosa School. Thank you for that!

Address: Pubudu Mawatha, Seenimodara, Nakulugamuwa, Tangalle, Sri Lanka

The cost of accommodation for 2 guests, depending on the category of the room and the meal plan — from 161 USD (room with breakfast, excluding taxes 23%) to 1020 USD (entire house, peak season, excluding taxes 23%) per day. Please specify your meal plan and the desired room type from the Lankarus manager.

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