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Manor House Concepts presents in Lankarus the luxurious black and white beach villa Coco Tangalla, in Tangalle, the deep south of Sri Lanka. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, the villa is ideal for exploring the southern coast or for a stylish holiday. Tropical themes are mixed with bohemian chic at this stylish hotel in Tangalle. Guests can stay in one of 6 rooms, and groups can enjoy their stay in the whole house, which offers a large infinity pool.

This luxurious colonial beach villa in Sri Lanka is a great place to live while enjoying the best of the southern coast of the country, as well as for whale watching and leopard safaris in Yala. This hotel in Tangalle is just a short drive from the Mulkirigala Rock Temple, where visitors can see the temple and the monastery carved into the rock. There is also a Dutch fort in Matara and a more famous UNESCO World Heritage Site — Galle Fort. Stay at the hotel of Tangalle gives guests the opportunity to relax in peace and comfort, as well as explore Tangalle and the surrounding coast.

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About the Hotel
Coco Tangalla is a black and white colonial house with 6 rooms, with a beautiful view of the ocean. It re-opened its doors after the conversion in October 2011.

Book by number or the whole house. The villa is well suited for couples and families. Thanks to the diversity of wildlife, culture and routes to places of cultural heritage in the area, the villa is very convenient to explore… or just use us as a stop in / from Galle, Yala and so on.

The main house offers 4 bedrooms, and in the adjoining annexe 2 additional bedrooms. The interiors are stylishly decorated in a mix of modern furniture and antiques, local art, with elements of color and exotic fabrics. In the living room and dining room are introduced some features of Art Deco. Everything to create a warm and informal room for relaxation.

An endless swimming pool is located just a few steps below the main house overlooking the Indian Ocean. The large ambalaam (covered arbor for rest) is located next to the house, with a breathtaking view of the ocean, and is ideal for relaxing on huge cushions, where meals are served or for recreation with a good book.

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6 rooms with air conditioning, provided with two or double beds. All bedrooms differ in design and colors, giving a sense of individuality and sense of being in the house, although you are in a stylish room on the beach in Sri Lanka. Hanging closets, bedside tables and lamps, chairs and luggage compartment are in all rooms. In each room, services are not significantly different, the price difference is mainly determined by the size of the room.

In the main house there are 4 roomsKundira, Palmyrah, Kurumba and Thambili — combining oriental and bright colors in silks and local fabrics, works of art and stylish furniture. All have private bathrooms with shower and toilet. One of these rooms has 2 single beds.
Near the main house there are 2 more rooms. They are connected by a short channel, which makes these rooms the perfect combination for a family that is looking for accommodation in Tangalle.

The Coco King bedroom offers its own veranda overlooking the sea, and more seat is covered with pillows and is ideal for relaxing during the day. There is also a table and chairs for private dinners. There is a large bathroom with a rain shower, as well as a double sink and toilet.
In the second bedroom, Arika, there are 2 single beds, connecting to a large, partly open-air bathroom with shower, as well as a double bathroom and toilet.
All our bedrooms have their own bathroom and toilet.
Every day your room will be cleaned, and beds will be refueled.
Our staff is always available for check-in and check-out 24 hours a day. You will be given very personalized service during your stay in the perfect example of a hotel in a beach city in Sri Lanka.

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Seafood can be a major part of your food on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The focus is fresh local ingredients, bought day in and day out, and the menu includes a variety of Western and Asian cooking styles.

Lunches usually occur in two stages — with a choice of soups, pasta, vegetarian dishes or all varieties of seafood and salads, and then a delicious dessert. Three-course dinner can include crab, mullet, mackerel, lobster or tuna. All are prepared according to interesting recipes. Or you will be offered beef, chicken and curry vegetables, and some homemade delicious desserts.

For breakfast (included in the price of the room), as a rule, thin mixtures of fruit juices are offered depending on the season, somehow cooked eggs, pancakes, cereals and some breakfasts in the Sri Lankan style. All this with a choice of well-known teas of Sri- Lanka or coffee.

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We are assuming that you are ready to recover, so that our pool and the ambalam (the covered awning in the form of a gazebo) are here for you to refresh and relax. Services include numerous areas to lean back, read or recover. We are too small for a spa, but we can arrange visits by specialists of Ayurvedic school, Thai massage or Indian massage, plus a number of other wellness techniques.

Depending on the time available and the direction of the holiday, we recommend using Coco Tangalla as a base for enjoyment with a visit to the stunning wildlife and cultural heritage along the southern coast. Here, the highest concentration of leopards in the world, in the protected area, many turtles, wild elephants, high concentrations of endemic and rare birds, blue whales and dolphins. UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Galle all within 2 hours of driving.

We have for you a small library of books, some CDs and a dock for I-Pod. WIFI is also available in the most common areas.

Massages can be arranged by appointment or you can enjoy a selection of board games available in the house.

We do not recommend swimming on the nearby small beach, but it's possible on the beach within walking distance, and there are also numerous good beaches nearby.

Outreach Work
The Coco Tangalla team is proud to be associated with the local school, which suffered as a result of the catastrophic tsunami in 2004. After the damage and destruction of some district schools, and in memory of the late wife of the owner Sarah, we donated money to build a small primary kindergarten.

Generous funding from philanthropists from Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and many other countries helped the school grow into a vivid example of Montessouri's methods. Schools still need funding, and every time a guest stays for 2 nights or more, $ 5 from any payment goes directly to the financing of the Santosa School. Thank you for that!

The cost of accommodation for 2 guests , depending on the category of the room and a meal plan — from 124 USD (room with breakfast, excluding 23% taxes) to 927 USD (full villa, peak season, excluding 23% taxes) per day. Please specify your meal plan and the desired room type from your Lankarus manager.

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