Ananthaya Beach

Welcome to Ananthaya Beach — a brand new beach resort located on a hill in relation to the beach, making it ideal for panoramic views and a safe place. It is an excellent dream resort that is located in the paradise bay of Rekawa, which is 20 minutes drive from Tangalle and about 4 kilometers from the Lankarus residence. Our friendly partner Ananthaya Beach hotel is the newest architectural addition to the Rekawa Bay, which will offer you 2 lovely cottages and a restaurant overlooking the Indian Ocean. There is a resort in the countryside where you completely disconnect from the hustle and bustle of a hotel chain with restless tourist activities.

Back Of Beyond, Kahandamodara

The hotel chain Back Of Beyond named this hotel in Kahandamodara Monara Thanne in honor of the pack of peacocks (Sinhalese: monara), who are so fond of this area. The hotel occupies 14 acres of land and is located on the eastern bank of the Urubokka Oya river. Open plots of land are characteristic of the southern semi dry zone of Sri Lanka. Here the river blends beautifully with the green landscapes. The territory on which the complex of cottages is located, rises a little in some places with beautiful plants, in other places the territory is flat. On such a large territory are our gardens with fruit trees, vegetable beds, lawns, flooded seasonal meadows and swamps.

Lankavatara Ocean Retreat

Luxury boutique hotel on the oceanfront and Ayurvedic center in Kahandamodara / Gurupokuna on the Deep South of Sri Lanka, where you can still find a quiet authentic life of the remote region of the island. Each of the 15 spacious apartments of more than 44 square meters offer a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean in the picturesque and protected Kalamatiya Bay, on the border with the world-famous Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary.

Three Excellent Reasons To Come:

Nature Lanka Panchakarma Ayurveda Health Resort

Welcome to Nature Lanka Panchakarma Ayurveda Health Resort, the first Ayurvedic health sanatorium on the beautiful southern coast of Sri Lanka in Kahandamodara, at the seat of the Lankarus residence.
This is a calm Ayurvedic resort, located on one side of the ocean, and on the other side — in a green mini jungle. A tranquil atmosphere will refresh the body and soul of any part of the resort's aura. The Center has ample opportunities to provide treatment programs for the Ayurvedic Panchakarma and Health program, backed up by a team of Ayurveda doctors, as well as male / female massage therapists. Panchakrama and wellness procedures are the main points of natural health in Sri Lanka.

Sanji's The Beachside Cabanas

Sanji's The Beachside Cabanas is an excellent and quiet place on the south coast of Sri Lanka, 210 kilometers from Colombo.
The hotel consists of 4 boars, which are located on the beach Rekawa, near Tangalle. There are no skyscrapers, tall buildings, but only palm trees, friendly neighbors and just a few hotels. Rekawa is a natural beach with all the amenities created by nature itself. Warm tropical water, ocean waves, rustle of palm leaves and surf noise. All this calms and comforts. And all this in all its natural beauty in the best possible way.

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