Centauria Lake Resort

Cordially welcome to Centauria Lake Resort in Embilipitiya city.
Centauria Lake Resort is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday. A magnificent place with a magnificent view of the lake, amazing food and warm service will leave you feeling rested, relaxed and ready for life with enthusiasm.

If you are looking for an opportunity for a private holiday in an idyllic location where you will be surrounded by a serenade of nature sounds, then the Centauria Lake Resort is perfect for you. Thanks to its quiet location, near the Chandrika Lake in Embilipitiya You can spend your holiday enjoying the natural beauty, while an attentive and well-trained staff takes care of you.

Pavana Resort

Why Embilipitiya and visiting the National Park of Udawalawe?
The Udawalawe National Park is only 15 km away. from Embabilitiya town. This is the nearest point to the national park. The area provides wide access to various facilities, such as restaurants, ATMs, banks, supermarkets, hospitals, main bus station, Ayurveda Center, taxi. Some of the large camps are located closer to the territory of the national park, but the stop in them is expensive. In addition, from the city of the camp are in remote places and tourists are forced to stay in the hotel without access to the necessary urban amenities.

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