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Ambalama Villa, Galle

Ambalama in Sinhala means «place of recreation». Ambalama have traditionally been used by travelers on the path of pilgrimage. Relax, relax and recharge on your way in our Ambalama in Galle.
Meals at Ambalama Villa offers a feast of choice; in the villa kitchen with excellent international dishes or memorably delicious local cuisine. Everything is coocked by our exclusive team and the chef of the villa. Enjoy your beach barbecue with excellent fresh fish, which is bought daily in the market.

Back Of Beyond, Kahandamodara

The hotel chain Back Of Beyond named this hotel in Kahandamodara Monara Thanne in honor of the pack of peacocks (Sinhalese: monara), who are so fond of this area. The hotel occupies 14 acres of land and is located on the eastern bank of the Urubokka Oya river. Open plots of land are characteristic of the southern semi dry zone of Sri Lanka. Here the river blends beautifully with the green landscapes. The territory on which the complex of cottages is located, rises a little in some places with beautiful plants, in other places the territory is flat. On such a large territory are our gardens with fruit trees, vegetable beds, lawns, flooded seasonal meadows and swamps.

Beach Cabanas Koggala

Welcome to Beach Cabanas Koggala
Step into the private resort when you stop Beach Cabanas in Koggala. It is an ideal beach for rest of discerning guests, for a luxurious holiday that provides a complete indulgence. Luxury beach pigs are located on the golden sands of Koggala beach in the breezy waters of the Indian Ocean, which gently swirl along the beach edge. This is the place to experience a true beach holiday, as the cottages are in complete harmony with the environment and in an exceptional sense of well-being and peace.

Centauria Lake Resort

Cordially welcome to Centauria Lake Resort in Embilipitiya city.
Centauria Lake Resort is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday. A magnificent place with a magnificent view of the lake, amazing food and warm service will leave you feeling rested, relaxed and ready for life with enthusiasm.

If you are looking for an opportunity for a private holiday in an idyllic location where you will be surrounded by a serenade of nature sounds, then the Centauria Lake Resort is perfect for you. Thanks to its quiet location, near the Chandrika Lake in Embilipitiya You can spend your holiday enjoying the natural beauty, while an attentive and well-trained staff takes care of you.

Coco Tangalla

Manor House Concepts presents in Lankarus the luxurious black and white beach villa Coco Tangalla, in Tangalle, the deep south of Sri Lanka. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, the villa is ideal for exploring the southern coast or for a stylish holiday. Tropical themes are mixed with bohemian chic at this stylish hotel in Tangalle. Guests can stay in one of 6 rooms, and groups can enjoy their stay in the whole house, which offers a large infinity pool.

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