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Turtle Bay Boutique Hotel

Turtle Bay is a luxury boutique hotel in Kalamatiya, Deep South of Sri Lanka. Kalamatiya — a quiet village at 214 km. south-east of Colombo. Turtle Bay is located directly on a golden sandy beach in the south of the island. Kalamatiya is a stretch of beach, on the shore of which the turtles leave to lay eggs. Although turtles live on Earth for millions of years, today only 1 in 1,000 babies survive, and is able to grow into an adult.
Because of the unprecedented threat to survival, people must give a helping hand to these ancient marine inhabitants in order to increase the chances of the turtles to survive. Turtle Bay finances a scientifically managed nesting site for turtles. With our financial assistance, turtles are under the care of scientists.

Villa Modarawattha, Ahangama

Welcome to Villa Modarawattha in Ahangama, Koggala.
Villa Modarawattha is an eco-friendly hotel located in an idyllic and tranquil location on the shores of the scenic Lake Koggala, which inspired many great writers such as Sri Lankan genius Martin Wickramasinghe and Sir Leonard Wolfe. The name of the villa from Sinhala is translated very poetically — Manor / Plantation in the River Delta. On Lake Koggala is located the famous island of Madolduwa and other smaller islands, for example, the Cinnamon Island.

Yala Caravan Village

Если Вы жаждете приключений в дикой природе и расслабления на пляже Шри-Ланки с комфортом, то Yala Caravan Village определенно для Вас. Компания Ланкарус представляет жемчужину среди предложений для отдыха на Шри-Ланке в знаменитой заповедной области Яла! Yala Caravan Village больше, чем просто деревня-караван на колесах. Караван Парк расположен на прибрежной стороне Гуругода — Палатупана, в Киринде и всего в 5 километрах от национального парка Яла.

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