Madunagala Hot Springs

A trip to the Madunagala Hot Springs will be for you an experience that you most likely never experienced before. This is a beautiful creation of nature, located in Madunagala, Hambantota District in the southern province of Sri Lanka.
To get to the place, you have to choose the movement on the Pelmadulla-Nonagama road, reaching Padanangala Junction. Then turn to the road Padanangala — Suriyawewa. Finally, you need to drive about 12 km. way towards Suriyawewa. A few steps from the main road there is a complex. So, to find this amazing creation of nature is not easy. However, the complex of hot springs is quite successfully located just in relation to Lankarus properties. From the hotels of Turtle Bay in Kalamatiya or The Islander Beach Villa in Kahandamodara the path to the sources with our driver takes about 30 minutes!

Mihintale and Kaludiya Pokuna

Kaludiya Pokuna and its Neighborhoods
Most visitors of Mihintale often miss the fascinating pilgrimage site, a secluded pool, Kaludiya Pokuna. Once this place was the center of the cave monastic community. It is located only one and a half kilometers to the south-west of Mihintale, at the foot of Mount Anaikutti. In addition, nearby is the huge rocky mountain of Rajagirilena, where the destroyed ancient staircases, ceded caves, ponds and paths can be seen in a quiet and unhurried environment.

Mirijjawila Dry Zone Botanic Gardens

Dry Zone Botanic Gardens in Mirijjawila — one of the six botanical gardens in Sri Lanka. Other botanical gardens — Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens, Hakgala Botanical Garden, Agro-Technology Park and Botanical Garden in Bata Atha , Henarathgoda Botanical Garden and Sithawaka Botanical Garden.

Mirijjawila Dry Zone Botanic Gardens is located on the main road Colombo — Kataragama, about 6 km. from Hambantota. It lies between Mattala International Airport to the left of it and the Hambantota Bay — to the right of it.

Mulkirigala Rock Temple

Mulkirigala (Raja Maha Viharaya) — Great royal temple in the eponymous town of Mulkirigala. It is located in the district of Hambantota, 21 km. from the city of Tangalle, 35 km. from the hotel The Islander Beach Villa, Kahandamodara and 38 km away. from Turtle Bay Boutique Hotel, Kalamatiya. The distance from Colombo is 217 km.

The British called the rock "Small Sigiriya." By beauty, luxury of painting and buildings, antiquity and historical and architectural value, the Mulkirigala temple is in no way inferior to the famous cave temple in Dambulla, and in some senses, and in the opinion of many experts and guests, even surpasses the Dambulla temple in filling and scenic location.

National Parks of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is rich in a variety of national parks that you can visit during your trip to our island. The national parks of Sri Lanka are protected by the Department of Wildlife and Conservation. When visiting national parks by foreign tourists it is necessary to observe a set of rules of conduct, which your guide will tell you. This, first of all, will concern your movement, compliance with routes, stops on the national park. Compliance with the rules will allow you to avoid unfavorable situations at the time of visiting the national park.

Kumana — National Park
The Kumana National Park covers an area of about 18,149 hectares of land. It is located in the south-eastern part of Sri Lanka. This sanctuary of birds is a tourist attraction for ornithologists. Kumana borders on the Yala National Park. Kumana was previously known as the Yala-East National Park, but changed the current name on September 5, 2006. The park was opened in March 2003 after it was closed since 1985 because of the civil war in Sri Lanka.

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