Kahandawa Purana Rajamaha Viharaya

Kahandawa Purana Rajamaha Viharaya is an ancient Buddhist temple located in the Kahandava district in Rekawa, on the way TissamaharamaTangalle . The temple belongs to the department of the secretariat of the Tangalle district.
Vihara goes back to the early period Anuradhapura. This is evidenced by the inscriptions on the old Sinhalese language, carved into stone on the Brahmi alphabets, found on the site of the temple. According to legends, the temple got its name from the yellow eel. As they say, the eel of yellow color was the keeper of the treasures enclosed inside the ancient temple daghoba. The rock on which the Dagobah is based still keeps three inscriptions dating back to the 2nd-3rd centuries AD.

Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary

Kalamatiya is a picturesque wetland located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka in the Hambantota region. It is approximately 214 km. to the southeast of Colombo. The presence of many indigenous and migratory bird species makes this wetland park unique. The park has 181 species of local, endemic and migratory bird species. The Department of Wildlife Protection declared lagoons in Kalamatiya and Lunama as treasures of nature in 1940.

The mouth of the reservoirs in Kalamatiya is very shallow, with an average depth of less than one meter. The Kalamatiya lagoons are connected to the sea by a narrow exit, as well as to the adjacent lagoon of Lunama via an artificial canal about 2 km long.

Kasagala Rajamaha Vihara

In the chain of the Ruhuna Pearls there is one that represents the highest historical and cultural interest for researchers of the heritage of ancient Lanka.
Kasagala Rajamaha Vihara which is belonged to the area of Angunakolapelessa is situated about 9.6 km away from Ranna Junction on Weeraketiya-Ranna road. This temple has been constructed in the era of Anuradhapura and ruled by various kings. The temple possesses a land area containing in extent about Five thousand acres. This name of the temple Kasagala was created due to drying robes of the monks on stones. Almost everywhere in the temple granite can be seen.

Kelaniya. Sacred Places Of Buddhism

Raja Maha Vihara Kelaniya is one of the most sacred places of worship for Sri Lankan Buddhists, as this site is sanctified by a visit to the Buddha. In the distant past, Kelaniya was a great city, and Raja Maha Viharaya Kelaniya was one of the largest and one of the most beautiful temples of Sri Lanka.

Located about 10 km. from Colombo within the sacred area of 10 acres, Kelani Vihara stands near the Kelani Ganga River, as evidence of the Buddhist tradition in the country. Vihara received its sacred status over 2500 years ago after the third visit to Lanka by Buddha. He consecrated the foundation of the temple with his own visit, accompanied by 500 monks.

Lighthouses of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka — the island, the sea country. For a variety of purposes, and above all for safe navigation, many lighthouses have been built in our country. Many of them are unique, and represent a high architectural and historical value. Let us dwell on the description of only a few lighthouses that, in the opinion of the Lankarus team, are of particular interest to travelers.
This lighthouse was built in 1913 by the British. Its height is 28 meters. After neglecting for many years and because of the LTTE's terrorist activities in this area, as well as the tsunami in December 2004 on the east coast of Sri Lanka, the lighthouse suffered.

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