Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary

Kalamatiya is a picturesque wetland located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka in the Hambantota region. It is approximately 214 km. to the southeast of Colombo. The presence of many indigenous and migratory bird species makes this wetland park unique. The park has 181 species of local, endemic and migratory bird species. The Department of Wildlife Protection declared lagoons in Kalamatiya and Lunama as treasures of nature in 1940.

The mouth of the reservoirs in Kalamatiya is very shallow, with an average depth of less than one meter. The Kalamatiya lagoons are connected to the sea by a narrow exit, as well as to the adjacent lagoon of Lunama via an artificial canal about 2 km long.
These wetlands include many different ecological systems, such as mangroves, shrubs, reed beds, meadows and seasonal ponds. In the sea near the mouth there is also a reef of sandstones. Due to the availability of these various ecological systems, ideal nesting places for more than 180 species of birds are provided.

Flora & Fauna
Most of the mangrove forests in the estuary of Kalamatiya belong to the species called Kirala (Sonneratia caseolaris). The World Conservation Union conducted a study that showed that there are more than 22 species of mammals, 15 species of amphibians, 44 species of fish and 60 colorful butterfly species. The total number of vertebrate species is 312, of which 27 species are endemic.
Beaches in the area of Kalamatiya are famous for the habitats of 5 species of sea turtles that live off the coast of Sri Lanka, or who come here for nesting. The dominant species are the Green Sea Turtles (Chelonian Mydas), the Headed Turtles, the Caretta Caretta and the Dermechelys Coriacea.

Parks Wild Nature Near Kalamatiya
Bundala — 30 km.
Yala — 50 km.
Udawalawe — 40 km.
Mirissa (whale watching) — 40 km.

Sacred and Historical Towns:
Tissamaharama — 35 km.
Kataragama — 60 km.
Galle — 80 km.

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Excursion to the Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary is a wonderful occasion to get acquainted with the most beautiful that nature has created. The trip is very recommended to you when you stay in the Tangalle — Hambantota area in hotels by LankarusTurtle Bay in Kalamatiya and The Islander Villa in Kahandamodara.
Departure for the excursion early in the morning in the coolest hours. The trip and inspection takes at least 2 hours. Return from Kalamatiya to the hotel at noon or lunch time.

Excursion for 2 guests2000 rupees (including tuk-tuk and entrance tickets)

About your wish to visit Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary, please inform your Lankarus manager at Turle Bay or The Islander Villa

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