Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex

The complex of biodiversity of Ambuluwawa is a unique combination of nature and human creation. The complex in Gampola on an area of 327 acres, a few kilometers from Kandy, is considered the fourth botanical garden in the country. Technogenic structures there include an international-level conference hall, the Center for Agrarian Preparation and the area of Buddhist worship, including a 48-meter stupa. The complex of biodiversity in Ambuluwawa offers a panoramic view of such mountains as Sri Pada (sacred mountain for representatives of 4 religions), Pidurutalagala (the highest mountain of Sri Lanka), Namunukala, Batalegala, Alagalla, Hantana and to the tops of a number of other mountains.

In the morning, when the planets and stars disappear from the sky, and when the first dew appears or falls from the flowers on the tops of the trees, and when the sun spreads its rays over the mountains in the east, you can go for the best impressions in Ambuluwawa.

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The complex of biodiversity in Ambuluwawa takes more complex decisions, rather than simply conducting work to protect naturally occurring examples of biodiversity in nature on the planet. On the territory of Ambuluwawa there is a rock, which is quite different from what you can often see in Sri Lanka. It consists of a special rare type of rock, known as «Inselberg», and is the least susceptible to erosion as a result of natural forces from the breed.

Experiments to introduce a new variety of vegetation in Ambuluwawa continue. Now in the territory of this natural biosphere reserve there are about 200 varieties of plants belonging to 80 families. The soil here is red or brown and belongs to the type of late fossils with a large amount of iron and granite impurities. Medicinal plants, known among Sinhalese population, like iramusu, mowakiriya, nawahandi are quite common plants growing in this area.

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The nearest mountains are evenly covered with green forests, groves and glades of flowering plants and lianas. The abundance of vegetation increases the natural humidity of the air and reduces the surrounding temperature to a very comfortable for humans. The climate here is incomparable. Panoramic views from the mountain ranges are tempting and impressive. From here you can easily see the mountains of Nuwara Eliya area, which adds beauty to the surroundings. In Sri Lanka there is no other place as nice as Ambuluwawa, It is surrounded by so many mountain ranges of indescribable beauty. The precious waters of the main river in the country — Mahaweli is the source of life for the villagers and long sections of rice fields in the area of Ambuluwawa. Thousands of houses and crowded streets of the city of Gampola can be seen in one place from the observation deck — so the species in Ambuluwawa are unique and impressive, they magneticaly attract here, both guests and residents of Sri Lanka, where domestic tourism is developed on a colossal scale.

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The modern development of Ambuluvava has turned this place into a sample of a people's museum in the open air and as an example of a careful attitude to natural resources on the basis of a clear vision of the importance of preserving this unique corner of the Earth. Three ancient artificial lakes, built on the slopes of the mountains, provide water to the population right up to the lower parts of the earth. Stones, being an important element of the environment, create a perfect and natural park of boulders and stones, giving a special scenery of this area.

Local and foreign scientists conduct continuous research in the reserve in a calm and quiet atmosphere. The Bo tree, growing here from the appendage of that very sacred Sri Maha Bodhi from Anuradhapura, creates a feeling of calm for everyone. Beautiful trails, twin-ponds, water parks and stone gardens are unique features of the complex in Ambuluwawa. Herbal gardens and nature itself create a huge base for recreation, both for the mind and body right under the open sky. A chain of experimental plantations and gardens is an excellent example of how Sri Lanka is experiencing a new boom in local agroeconomics. The International Conference Hall on Agronomy is equipped with all necessary equipment for conferences.

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The area above the artificial lakes in the forest inhabited with deers and sambars makes the environment alive. Roads with cliffs and sharp drops leave unforgettable and incomparable experience for travelers. The paths down from the peaks are very exhilarating. The restaurant in charge of the complex is in a charming place. For farmers, the «Gobi Sewana» was created here, as a place of gathering and lively communication. Nearby there is a Buddha statue made of stone. Be sure to go up to the top of the mountain to admire the excellent panoramic view.

On the territory of the complex you will also see a memorial plaque on which the goals and objectives of the biodiversity complex are set out, the author of the concept of preservation of which became Prime Minister D M Jayrathne.

While your stay in the Kandy area, spend an entire day visiting the unique biosphere reserve in Ambuluwawa. You can get there if you stopped for accommodation in Kandy or Peradeniya. Consult your Lankarus manager on how to make the best route for your excursion.
Some travel programs tourist packages by Lankarus have been planned to visit the reserve as well.


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