Buduruwagala. The Tallest Buddha Statue

Buduruvagala — an ancient Buddhist temple in the Uva Province, Sri Lanka. The complex consists of seven statues and belongs to the school of Mahayana thinkers. The statues date back to the 8th-10th century and date from the reign of King Walagamba. The giant Buddha statue still bears traces of its original stucco molding, and a long orange band indicates that the statue was once brightly colored.

Next to the Buddha statue there are three more, each on either side of the Buddha image, all of them are executed with abhaya mudras and belong to the late Anuradhapura period. The central of the three figures to the right of the Buddha is considered a Buddhist mythological figure — Bodhisattwa Awalokiteshwara. To the left of this white statue is a female figure in a thrice bent pose of worship, which is believed to be his wife Tara.

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Buduruwagala, which means the Stone with the Statue of Buddha, is situated in the Wallawaya region. This is the highest stone image of the Buddha in the world at a height of 51 feet, since the images made of stone in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, no longer exist after their undermining.

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You can visit this unique place with an excursion, keeping the path from the south or southeast coast Sri Lanka in the mountainous or central part of the country. Inform about your desire to visit Buduruwagala your Lankarus manager, in order to optimally plan for your route.

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