Madunagala Hot Springs

A trip to the Madunagala Hot Springs will be for you an experience that you most likely never experienced before. This is a beautiful creation of nature, located in Madunagala, Hambantota District in the southern province of Sri Lanka.
To get to the place, you have to choose the movement on the Pelmadulla-Nonagama road, reaching Padanangala Junction. Then turn to the road Padanangala — Suriyawewa. Finally, you need to drive about 12 km. way towards Suriyawewa. A few steps from the main road there is a complex. So, to find this amazing creation of nature is not easy. However, the complex of hot springs is quite successfully located just in relation to Lankarus properties. From the hotels of Turtle Bay in Kalamatiya or The Islander Beach Villa in Kahandamodara the path to the sources with our driver takes about 30 minutes!


In rainy seasons, hot springs erupt up to 65 cubic meters of water per second. You can see five hot springs enclosed in pools or stone cisterns.
Water sources have incredible healing power, curing skin diseases, as well as eye diseases. In ancient times, when monks lived in neighboring monasteries and cave temples, they took baths here to heal psoriasis, skin eczema and rheumatic diseases. Even today, devotees of the teachings of the Buddha believe that the baths have the strongest energy. They are convinced that skin or rash may disappear after only a few bathing sessions. Sir Leonard Woolf, a former assistant to the British Crown Government in Ceylon, indicated that he also visited the hot springs of Madunagala, having recorded in a memorandum to the Parliament of Great Britain that he was miraculously healed of unknown rash and arthritis of the feet.


How does the complex work? Firstly, pure hot waters are collected in a large pool, where they are mixed with cold water. Then the water is poured into the pools made for visitors. But if you are a brave man, you can experience not cooled water, but enjoy yourself in naturally hot water. The sanitary condition of the water and swimming pools for bathing, washing from the sources is monitored daily by specialists of the laboratory of the Department of Tourism of the Southern Province.


If you visit the place early morning, you will be able to see many species of birds in the sky. A small aquarium and several cages for several species of birds and rabbits can be seen in Madunagala from the side of the brooks located in the side. Since the place attracts many visitors, the place is equipped with toilets, locker rooms and small shops for tourists.
By the way, you can taste tea at local kiosks in the Madunagala area. Here, after a swim, you can stop and taste traditional Sri Lankan rice dishes, such as Hinathi, Suwandel or Kekulu.

The temple in Madunagala is built on a picturesque huge boulder in a place that is covered with jungle. Here you can optionally see several caves, which in ancient times were inhabited by monks, as well as several pools with clear water for monks. The surrounding forest is a wonderful home for wild elephants, bears, deers, etc.


Physico-chemical water data of Mudanagala Hot Springs
Water temperature: 44 degrees
pH Reaction — 7.0
Conductivity — 7.1 μSm
Total hardness — 5288 mg / l
Minerals and salts content: bicarbonate — 20.1 mg / l, chloride — 2590 mg / l, sulfate — 138.4 mg / l, nitrate — 1.2 mg / l, phosphate — 3, 7 mg / l, silicon 54.9 mg / l, calcium 533 mg / l, magnesium 4.8 mg / l, sodium 1110 mg / l, potassium 22.6 mg / l, lithium 0, 4 mg / l, iron — 0.03 mg / l, zinc — 0.01 mg / l, fluorine, sulfides, manganese.


Excursion to Madunagala is a wonderful occasion to improve your health, as well as to get acquainted with the ancient history, the religion of the south of Sri Lanka, when you relax in the Tangalle-Hambantota district in the hotels by Lankarus — Turtle Bay in Kalamatiya and The Islander Villa in Kahandamodara. Departure for your excursion early in the morning in the coolest hours. The trip and survey of the area takes almost half a day. Return from Madunagala to the hotel in the afternoon.
The venue is open from 07.00 am. until 07:00 pm.

Excursion from hotels Turtle Bay or The Islander Villa for 2 guests6000 rupees (by tuk-tuk) or 10,000 rupees (by car)

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