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Dear Colleagues, Dear Partners!

Delivering Lanka Private Limited, the recognized leader in the Sri Lankan hotel sector goods and services market, announces unprecedented promotions for loans and loans to satisfy guests, while increasing the range of your proposed tea council. In the very anticipation of the touristseason 2017-2018 this offer is as relevant as ever.

Staying in the country of tea, in Sri Lanka, we the hoteliers understand, how our guests wish to have the best choice and the highest grade of tea, which has not only been tasted formalities. Our tea is tested and approved by the Sri Lanka Tea Board, has the appropriate certificates and quality emblem — Lion with Sword, as a guarantee of the highest quality inherent in tea, grown and packed in Sri Lanka only.

In Delivering Lanka Proposal there are about 70 kinds and variations of combinations, packages, fillers, design solutions for packing loose and packaged tea! Everything for the convenience and satisfaction of the most demanding tastes of Your guests!

This is not all! In the current season we have reduced the price for hotels to the line of products that will help you to get back Your guests again and again.
Brooms, paint brushes and dust brushes, cleaners and materials for cleaning requires, and much more — everything that you are looking for — Delivering Lanka delivers to the doorstep of your hotel.

You can get acquainted with the full price list of current discounted offers on the website of Delivering Lanka Private Limited or per request to Lankarus.

Compare the offers of other companies and come back to us, because Delivering Lanka is Committed To Hotels!,


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