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Asia Broadcasting Corporation, the owner of Hiru FM, Gold FM, Sun FM, Sooriyan FM, Shaa FM and Hiru TV, is part of Rayynor Silva Holdings. This large company, registered by BOI in accordance with Section 17, and authorized in July 1998, is not only the largest radio network in Sri Lanka. The company also revolutionized the media industry by creating the first in Sri Lanka channel in Tamil language — Sooriyan FM, along with the first-ever English-language radio station of old hits in Sri Lanka — Gold FM. The corporation also created the first youth radio channel Shaa FM, not to mention Number One in Sri Lanka — Sinhalese radio Hiru FM, which is the fashion trendsetter in Sri Lanka. Sun FM and Hiru TV are most recently launched for the first time in a fully digital version of the broadcast.

Today every radio channel has provided the number one slot in its segment of the target audience as the preferred channel and has accumulated an array of loving and loyal listeners. Due to the tireless efforts of a young and dynamic team, we were able to achieve only the best!
Currently, the company is successfully led by Mr. Raynor Silva, one of the most experienced radio experts on the modern broadcasting field in Sri Lanka. His 20 years of experience in the private broadcasting industry gave him an invaluable and in-depth knowledge bag.
He was also awarded the highest honorary title in the field of the media and the honorable prize of Vishwa Keerthi Maadya Shoori Jana Prasaada for the enormous contribution of efforts during the humanitarian operations of Vanni Humanitarian.

Why are we number one?
We speak your language…
We give you the opportunity to sing, dance, laugh, cry, test your intellect, help maintain your fighting spirit, and also become your friend, guide and guru.
We are with you in all your good times and celebrations, without forgetting to cheer you up when you are upset.
Our relationship goes beyond the ether when we meet with you personally during interactive actions that give the best for both the listener and the sponsor.
We have unsurpassed coverage, which is the result of excellent strategic planning and positioning, to maximally cover all areas of broadcasting.
The desire to reach new heights and create the benchmarks of radio excellence is always present in our team, which is undoubtedly number one.

Signal Coverage and Infrastructure
The head office in the World Trade Center is currently engaged in basic operations. The office includes 8 studios, consisting of 6 broadcast studios, 1 production studio and 1 dubbing studio.
In addition, the office of the World Trade Center also
Dispatch Broadcast (MCR), signal transmission premises for Colombo, music library, newsrooms and other offices.
We transmit a signal from 11 different places all over the island, namely Gongala, Gammaduwa, Kikiliyamana, Hunnasgiriya, Madlusima, Jaffna, Ratnapura, Kokavil, Madalkanda, Kurunegala, including the World Trade Center. In addition to these 11 signal transmission points, we also own 3 towers located in Gongaal, Gammaduwa and Kikiliyamana.
Our head office in the World Trade Center is also equipped with modern studios and equipment.
While the main transmission facility is located in the World Trade Center, we also transfer all the channels from 10 other locations in the country.

Lankarus Lankarus Lankarus Lankarus Lankarus

Our News Team
• Famous Reporters, Journalists and Speakers
• In addition, more than 300 correspondents around the island and international reporters network, based in more than 40 countries.

• The largest expositions of news, the ability to produce direct inclusions and urgent news
• Daily 24 hours — newsletters and 24 news blocks in 3 languages
• Achieve a wide range of listeners with different interests
• Informing the public at any time with all available means, SMS and Web
• Objective and comprehensive reporting
• Corporate news, which broadly covers the business and economic activities of the day, including exchange rates, stocks, market reviews and global financial reports
• Sports news is the latest from the sports world with a focus on sports events that are most popular in Sri Lanka

Shaa FM — this is ultramodern music hits and the old good classic of 80's and 90's.

The broadcasting frequencies of Shaa FM radio in Sri Lanka are 90.9 or 91.1 in the FM band.

* The literal translation of the Sinhalese word. There is no term for expressing the emotions shaa in european languages.
Color values ​​and use cases are about the same as in English wow, when you need to express delight, surprise, approval and a positive attitude.

Dukata Sapata Shaa Against Sadness Helps Sha

Ask for Shaa in the bus!
Ask Shaa in the car!
In a tuk-tuk, ask for Shaa!
Everything around should be Shaa!

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