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When traveling on a mountain and mountainous part of Sri Lanka , please, be extremely attentive and careful. In connection with the increased risk of injuries, bruises and fractures in the mountainous areas during climbing, hikes to the mountains, waterfalls, trekking, mountaineering and rafting on the mountain rivers, it is necessary to be especially careful.
We strongly recommend that you take care of your insurance in advance, before your travel to Sri Lanka, for insurance, which can be issued quite inexpensively directly on the website of Lankarus .

However, if the accident does happen, you should immediately seek help from the nearest hospital to provide the first aid to the victim.
If the incident occurred in the area of Hatton — Dickoya — Maskeliya, please contact for consultation with a multi-lingual doctor at Dickoya Base Hospital.

The recommended and highly qualified doctor is a general practitioner and a leading surgeon of the Base Hospital in DickoyaSanjaya Nawarathne .

Dr. Sanjaya is a graduate of the Volgograd Medical Academy, Russia. He finished his studies in the specialty of general practice and surgery in 2008. Upon graduation, he brilliantly confirmed his qualifications during the certification period in Sri Lanka. At the beginning of his career he worked as a doctor in the General Hospital Batticaloa, in the capital of the Eastern Province Sri Lankaa>.

Having earned the highest recommendations and receiving a special special invitation, Dr. Sanjaya received the post of general practitioner and surgeon at Base Hospital, Dickoya, whose service area covers a fairly impressive part of ​​the mountainous area. Now Dr. Sanjaya — the leading surgeon of the hospital, the most experienced and authoritative specialist.

What is important, in an emergency, the doctor will be able to advise the victim in English, Russian, Hindi, Tamil and Sinhala languages and, after making a decision, as appropriate, give appropriate recommendations or suggest a treatment option.

It should be remembered that each case of injury is strictly individual, therefore, depending on this, advice and assistance can be provided both free of charge and on a charge basis.

Please do not bother the doctor about matters that do not concern cases when a doctor's intervention is really needed. Telephone consultations on outside medical issues are not available.

Address: Dr. Sanjaya Nawarathne
Dickoya Base Hospital, Hatton — Maskeliya — Dalhousie Road, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 774 947 846

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