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Delivering Lanka Private Limited — an assoctoaied company to Lankarus Lanka Private Limited. Both companies mutually complement each other in the tourism sector, represent each other's interests in the respective segments of the tourism industry for their intended use. In the financial and economic plan, both companies form a single corporation.

Delivering Lanka: connect hospitality

Striving to offer an innovative and quality range of hotel accessories, Delivering Lanka Private Limited combines advanced and rather long experience in the tourism industry with know-how in presenting a wide range of products and services.

The central exhibition office of sales and show-room of Delivering Lanka is located in Alutgama. The Delivering Lanka team in an extremely attentive and efficient manner applies to the processing of each order, providing services in a modern business style. Currently, the hotel belt is only Southern Seabelt of Sri Lanka is covered by Delivering Lanka. Our services and products for the hotel business are available on a weekly basis. All other shipping routes not yet covered by our service are also available around the island.

Delivering Lanka in Alutgama is ideal for getting first-hand insight into the product. Visiting the show offers customers the opportunity to view and receive samples, as well as to explore a wide range of issues on the proposals of our company.

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Delivering Lanka's portfolio covers the following categories:

• Products for chemical cleaning in the amounts required in hotel business
• Clothes for kitchen and storage
• Mini bar accessories
• Disposable food packaging
• Candles
• Consumables for cleaning the premises
• Materials for the hotel service "tea in the room"
• Extensive set of high-quality cutlery Lanlo
• The best collection of dishes Noritake

Delivering Lanka also offers any solutions in the field of hotel bed linen and bedding:
• Pillows
• Pillow cases
• Covers for laundry
• Sheets
• Towels of all sizes

To provide F & B service , our company offers laundry kits for Restaurants:
• Pillow cases
• Napkins and all types of fabrics

Delivering Lanka also offers a variety of regular and custom uniforms for hotels, as well as other necessary common hotel amenities.

The service of electronic sales through specialized website also allows specialists and managers of the hotel business to make online transactions. The full catalog can be viewed. Select according to the needs of the hotel, and order delivery. It's very easy and convenient!

Best products, at reasonable prices, do not look any further than in Delivering Lanka where careful customer service is complemented by long-term and strong partnerships. Feel the difference…

Delivering Lanka
126, Main Road, Aluthgama
Sri Lanka

Delivering Lanka Website

Main office:
No: 357, Galle Road,
Warahena, Bentota

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