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Cinnamon — a plant from the family of the Laurels. Its homeland is Sri Lanka, which is why the botanical name is Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Cinnamon of Ceylon).
Dried bark is used as a spice. On sale, it comes in the form of crushed pieces of bark and in the ground form. It has antiseptic properties and prevents the appearance of fungus.
Cinnamon grows in its homeland, in Sri Lanka. It was introduced several centuries ago in the Seychelles, in Southeast Asia and in the west of India. For commercial purposes, cinnamon is grown in India, Brazil, Vietnam, Madagascar and Egypt. The best quality cinnamon in the world is in Sri Lanka only. The highest quality Sri Lankan cinnamon is made from a very thin and soft bark of light yellow or brownish color. It is appreciated for its pleasant aroma, an unusually sweet and warm taste.

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The taste of cinnamon and its aroma is due to aromatic oil. Its content in the cortex is from 0.5% to 1%. Cinnamon oil is obtained after grinding the bark, soaking it in sea water and quickly distilling this tincture. The oil is yellowish-golden in color, with the smell of cinnamon and a burning aromatic taste. Burning taste and warm smell causes the main component of the oil — cinnamaldehyde, or cinnamyl. It is up to 90% oil. Oil darkens over time due to oxidation processes, acquiring a resinous consistency.
The bark of cinnamon is used as a spice. The bark of Ceylon cinnamon is valued higher than the Chinese. It is used in cooking, as a seasoning or an aromatic additive, for the preparation of desserts, chocolate, hot candies, liqueurs, ointments, face creams and body balms. Cinnamon is often used in the recipe of sharp dishes from chicken or lamb, it is added to porridge and fruit pies. Cinnamon is used in preserving marinades, ketchups and lecho.
Cinnamon and its beneficial properties are widely described in ancient Ayurveda — treatises on proper nutrition, and health of the soul and body. Cinnamon has antioxidant properties. The essential oil of this plant has antimicrobial and antiviral properties. This property of cinnamon helps to store foods longer at home, preventing the appearance of fungus and mold on flour products a considerable time.

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Cinnamon and Cassia
Cinnamon is correctly attributed to the species Cinnamomum zeylanicum, known as «real cinnamon». But the bark of a related plant Cassia (Chinese cinnamon tree) is sometimes sold with the inscription «Cinnamon». In contrast to this Ceylon cinnamon, it should be labeled with the inscriptions «Indonesian cinnamon» or «Fake cinnamon». Pieces of bark of both plants differ in appearance and in chemical composition.
Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, that is real, cuts only a thin inner layer of the bark, getting the best and less dense, crumbly bark. Cinnamon Sri Lanka — this is a stronger, fragrant and spicy spice.
At the same time cassia is medium and dark reddish-brown in color. Cassia uses the entire bark, and its rods are much thicker (from 2 to 4 mm.). In structure, such a bark is more like a tree's chips. A cassia powder is brown and dark brown in color. A large share of «cinnamon» in supermarkets in Eastern Europe is cassia. Knowing the differences, be careful and do not buy cortex or cassia powder, that is, fake cinnamon from Southeast Asia is much lower quality!

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Useful properties of cinnamon
The aldehydes contained in the spice, prevents the formation of blood clots.
Ayurveda claims, and modern studies confirm that cinnamon helps stabilize blood sugar levels and helps in the treatment of diabetes. The maximum dose for diabetics is not more than one teaspoon of ground cinnamon per day.
Fibers and calcium strengthen the cardiovascular system, protect the body from heart disease.
Spice removes bad smell from the mouth. Shake a small piece of cinnamon. You can rinse your throat every morning with a warm solution of honey with cinnamon.
Cinnamon reduces the symptoms of colds, makes breathing easier when you cough. A teaspoon of cinnamon is dissolved in a liter of boiling water, add a little black pepper and honey.
Due to antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, cinnamon is recommended for the treatment of external and internal infections. When added to food, cinnamon prevents the growth of bacteria in foods. Doctors recommend spice as an antiseptic.
Gynecologists advise taking cinnamon for women to relieve pain during menstruation. Admission can improve the tone of the body these days, will remove irritability. With regular admission, the menstrual cycle is harmonized, sexuality is markedly increased.
In medicine, cinnamon is used as an antiseptic, antimicrobial and antiparasitic agent, as well as in the fight against fungal diseases. Cinnamon improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract. It is effective as an astringent, reduces the risk of diarrhea and constipation, causes the passage of gases. Cinnamon reduces the likelihood of oncology in the large intestine, clears the choleretic system and liver, removing the body of bile acids. Doctors say that with the help of cinnamon, you can also fight with bone cancer. Spice is also used for kidney diseases, removing excess fluid. With infections of the bladder, cystitis also take drinks with cinnamon.
2-3 pinch of cinnamon per day can positively affect the concentration of attention, strengthen the eyesight. Cinnamon has a beneficial effect on memory, prevents rapid fatigue, increases the resistance of the child's organism to viral and bacterial infections.
Cinnamon has not only a stimulating effect on the male body, awakening the desire, but also positively affects the quality of potency. Cinnamon oil can significantly improve the susceptibility of erogenous zones and activate the work of sexual glands.
Elderly it is useful to use cinnamon for the prevention of heart attack. Spice lowers cholesterol, prevents the formation of blood clots. A regular intake of food with cinnamon will strengthen the heart muscle, normalizes blood pressure. Cinnamon is effective in arthritis, including chronic. With various memory disorders, sclerosis, insomnia and depression, cavalry is also irreplaceable.
Warm beverages with cinnamon will relieve the headache, increase sweating, which removes toxins through the pores of the skin, facilitates breathing, helps to remove swelling of the nasal mucosa. Cinnamon is also treated with chronic cough and severe angina. Many people use cinnamon sticks for toothaches, against pulpitis.

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Lankarus Cinnamon
Cinnamon plantations of our company are located in the lowland areas of the south-western part of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka, far from roads and enterprises, which excludes the entry of any contaminants into the water for irrigation and soil. The peculiarity of the cinnamon tree is that it absorbs moisture during regular monsoons and natural precipitation, which allows minimal interference in the process of vegetation and plant growth. This means a positive factor for sustainable growing. The plantations strictly prohibit the use of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic chemical fertilizers.
The bark from the trees on the plantations of Lankarus is collected only from plants that have reached the correct age for harvesting the bark — not earlier than 4-5 years after planting the seedling. Washing of the removed areas of the bark with water that has not been cleaned is excluded. A drying of the bark occurs in our own drying rooms with natural ventilation. We dry the cinnamon according to the old technology, without the intervention of drying machines, which allows us not to lose the useful properties of cinnamon as a result of heat treatment. Our cinnamon preserves color, aroma and chemical composition in its original form. This is the value of our product.

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Selecting cinnamon, it is divided into categories exclusively by hand by the workers of our plantation. They also sort and pack the cinnamon beams with their hands, which minimizes the mechanical damage to the integrity of the rods. They are beautiful, uniform in size, shape and other standards of quality requirements. Lankarus Company is a successor of the faithful ancient traditions of the highest quality of cultivation, production and supply of cinnamon in whole and hammered species, both to the domestic market of Sri Lanka and abroad. Our cinnamon is in demand by our regular customers and partners.
We are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation, and an individual approach to each client is the key to the successful development of your company in the market of cinnamon and other spices of Lankarus to your country.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the terms of spice supplies to your sales market and the price-list of Lankarus!

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