Indian Prawn

Indian Shrimp is one of the main commercial shrimp species in the world. Tamil fishermen of Sri Lanka and India call this shrimp Era, in Sinhala its name is Issa. The production cycle of shrimp of this species is the same as for other types of shrimp, that is, the production of caviar, the inspection of larvae bringing to commercial sizes. Usually shrimp is offered in various lengths and growth stages, but in any case a balance is reached between the cost of production and the desired production volume.

Indian Shrimp (Latin: Fenneropenaeus Indicus) is also called white shrimp, banana shrimp or Indian white shrimp.
This shrimp is common throughout South and Southeast Asia, as well as in Madagascar, in New Guinea and Australia. One of the most common shrimp at Sri Lanka.
This species lives along the east and west coast of India, expanding its habitat to all estuaries and creeks, including the shores of Sri Lanka. Grows in size from 20 to 23 cm in length. The Inli Shrimp occupies about 10% of the total production of marine shrimp in the country. The shrimp fry spend their lives in the estuaries or creeks until they reach a size of 12-14 cm in length, and then return to the sea, where they reach sexual maturity. Spawning occurs at great depths.
For spawning, white shrimp prefers silt or sand at a depth of 2 to 90 meters. Adult individuals catch 40 meters deep. It is widely cultivated in the aquaculture of Sri Lanka and India.

Fresh shrimp from Sri Lanka of the following forms are offered to your country:
• Freshly frozen Indian shrimps in the head and shell
• Freshly frozen Indian shrimps without head and shell
• Freshly frozen Indian shrimps without head, caudal fins

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