Brown Lobster

Lobster Brown is a species of lobster that lives in the shallow waters of rocky and coral reefs in the tropical Indo-Pacific region. Common names for this lobster are spiny lobster, colorful crab, crested lobster, ligust, prickly lobster Sokkoro, red lobster of Pronghorn, golden rocky lobster, prickly rocky lobster and coral cut.

Brown Lobster (Latin: Panulirus longipes) lives in the Indian Ocean. The catch location is Sri Lanka. The production of lobsters on a large scale is difficult due to the fact that they grow very long.
Dishes from lobster are present in the menu of five-star restaurants on the islands in the Indian Ocean basin, of course, in Sri Lanka, too. The lobster is baked, stewed, fried, boiled, added to salads, soups and complex dishes. They cook about the same way as lobsters. At the same time, the taste of lobster meat is much more delicate.
Meat of lobster is a valuable delicacy, the exquisite taste of which will satisfy any gourmet. Gerontologists argue that eating a lobster meat, you can push the process of premature aging. Meat of lobster is rich in phosphorus, calcium, contains fast-digestible proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, micro- and macro elements.

Fresh lobsters from Sri Lanka of the following forms are offered to delivery to your country:
• Freshly frozen lobster brown, whole

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