Blue Swimming Crab

Blue Crab occurs in the tidal estuaries of the Indian and western Pacific. These crabs are widespread in East Africa, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Australia, the Persian Gulf and New Zealand. One of the favorite habitats of the blue crab is Sri Lanka.
The blue crab is an omnivore. Its food — mollusks, mussels, young crustaceans, fish, worms, plants, as well as carrion. With a shortage of food, crabs are prone to cannibalism.

Blue Crab (Latin: Portunus pelagicus) grows to 15 cm. Representatives of this crab are excellent swimmers: because of a pair of flattened feet they can not live without water for long, like other types of crab.Blue crabs are widespread in the waters of Sri Lanka, that is why it is not rare delicacy in the restaurants of our country.

Crab meat is a physiologically valuable food product. Usually it is used in cooked form, and is valued for high taste qualities and for the content of biologically active substances. Crab meat contains 11 to 19% protein, more essential amino acids than fish meat. Also, it contains a large amount of glycogen. This carbohydrate gives the meat a pleasant sweetish taste. In the meat of crabs contain B vitamins. Compared with other foods of vegetable and animal origin, crab meat is favorably distinguished by a high content of magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur and copper. Just because of the copper, the crab meat turns blue. This occurs when colored copper compounds are formed by the action of enzymes.
Edible meat is located in the limbs and abdomen. The limbs consist of armor tubes connected by joints.

Blue crab is highly valued and considered a delicacy. Crab meat has high taste and dietary properties, it is useful in cardiovascular diseases, promotes skin rejuvenation and lowers cholesterol.
Blue crab contains in the meat vitamins A, B and C. For man in crab meat, potassium, zinc, selenium, manganese, sodium, iron are also useful. The caloric content of the blue crab is only 87 calories per 100 grams of meat.

Fresh blue crabs from Sri Lanka of the following forms are offered to supply to your country:
• Whole Frozen Blue Crab
• Blue Crab halves freshly frozen
• Fresh-frozen meat from the Blue Crab body
• Fresh-frozen meat of the blue crab
• Mix of freshly frozen blue crab meat (claws and body)

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