Cuttlefish — marine animals of the Sepiida genus. They belong to the class of cephalopods, which also includes squid, octopuses and nautilus. Cuttlefish has a unique inner shell. Cuttlefish has large, W-shaped pupils of the eyes, eight «hands» and two tentacles, equipped with jagged suckers, with which they suck up to the prey.
Cuttlefish feed on small shellfish, crab, shrimp, fish, octopus, worms and other cuttlefish. Studies show that cuttlefish are among the most intelligent invertebrates. They also have one of the largest ratios of the brain to body size among all invertebrates.

In East and South Asia, cuttlefish is dried. Shredded dried cuttlefish is a popular type of snack. Cuttlefish caviar is considered hard to cook, but it is incredibly popular delicacy in Sri Lanka.
In breadcrumbs and deep-fried cuttlefish are a popular dish among tourists. Cuttlefish with black ink or cuttlefish on a grill and in a sauce of own ink is a particularly delicious dish. Cuttlefish are also deep-fried, chopping the carcass into strips of lentils, peas and other legumes. Black pasta is often made with the help of ink cuttlefish.

Pharaoh Cuttlefish (Latin: Sepia pharaonis) lives in the northern part of the Indian Ocean. Cuttlefish is also called the Sea Chameleon. In a few seconds you can see how the mollusc changes its color, using all the colors of the rainbow. Cuttlefish can weigh up to 12 kilograms and it can have a length of up to 50 centimeters.
Externally cuttlefish is similar to squid, but more fleshy and round. Dishes from cuttlefish are popular all over the world. After all, they are not only delicious and original, but also useful.
Meat cuttlefish refers to delicacies. Its calorie content is only 79 kcal per 100 gr. product. According to the nutritional quality, the meat of cuttlefish is better than beef and pork. Regular consumption of meat cuttlefish helps to improve metabolism, it is very useful when exhausted and with excessive body weight, as well as with diabetes and thyroid gland diseases. The fat of this mollusk also has an antibacterial effect on the human body.

Fresh squid from Sri Lanka of the following forms is offered to your country:
• Freshly frozen fillet of Cuttlefish
• Freshly frozen tentacles of Cuttlefish

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