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Signal Clove+Munamal Pothu Toothpaste

Signal Herbal Clove + Munamal Pothu Toothpaste. Signal company instills a good habit of brushing teeth to the people of Sri Lanka, giving them the confidence and ability to smile beautifully, starting in 1982.

Over the past three decades, Signal (Unilever) brand has been providing free dental examinations, sampling toothpaste and toothbrushes in pre-school and primary schools, and conducting large-scale camps for the prevention of oral health.

Signal in 2005 launched the program to promote the beauty of Sri Lankan smile in the world. This campaign in 2004 was included in the Book of Records as the largest photo exhibition, in the collection of which there are pictures of 100,000 smiles of Sri Lankans.

Suwega by Wickramaarachchi

An excellent Ayurvedic ointment Suwega by Wickramaarachchi Laboratories, the manufacturer and distributor of Ayurvedic products based on ancient recipes, improved and adapted to the environmental conditions and rhythm of modern life.

Suwega is a natural preparation based on herbal extract of dinisuru, medical oil and sulfur, that is all that is recommended for use in autoimmune skin diseases, inflammatory processes and skin infections.

Indications for use: eczema, psoriasis, focal skin infections, vesicles, ulcers, rosacea in the stage of inflammation, itching, sweating and diaper rash in the genital area, contaminated wounds.

Vendol Ayurvedic Healing Balm

Vendol Ayurvedic Healing Balm is a healing Ayurvedic Balsam is indispensable for both athletes and elderly people, as well as for residents of high humidity and cold climates. Balsam brings considerable relief for pain in the muscles and joints, provides relief from cold and flu symptoms. Balm will eliminate common pain — dental and headache, pain in violation of the female cycle, rheumatic pain, heaviness in the legs with arthritis, arthrosis, venous disorders. Applicable for removing the itch after an insect bite. Balm warms and soothes the affected areas of the body with inflammation and pain.

Vendol Ayurvedic Healing Balm is indispensable for those who traditionally trust balsams, like the «star» and oil-balms familiar from childhood in Europe and ex-Soviet countries. The balm is made in Sri Lanka only. Beware of counterfeits!

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