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Ayurvedic preparation Gotukola (Sinhalese: Hin Gotukola, Sanskrit: Mandukaparni, Telugu: Brahmi, Tamil: Vallarei) — These high-quality capsules contain a pure concentrated cold extract obtained in a special way that ensures the retention of all the active ingredients of fresh Gotukola juice, dried and ground to vegetable powder.

The whole plant is used as a high-healing herb and an important component of Ayurvedic medicinal products, and is part of a group of drugs that can support youth and strength. Gotukola is also a drug that improves the receptivity of information, enhances concentration, restores cerebral circulation, significantly improves memory and mental retention.

Many formulations of Ayurveda include the gotukola grass, which is well known for its ability to nourish brain cells, improve learning ability and return memory energy. The drug is highly effective!

Gotukola capsules do not contain sugars, artificial colors, flavors, chemical additives and compounds — only herbal powder from the Gotukola plant.

As a nutritional supplement, Gotukola provides the body with nutritional support to improve performance and improve motor skills, as well as general good health by improving the brain.

Gotukola contains vitamin B, which has a relaxing effect, which positively affects the nervous system. The plant also contains vitamins A, E, K, phosphorus, serine, magnesium, as well as saponins, steroids, bioflavonoids, glutamic acid, essential oils. The basic therapeutic substances of the plant are triterpene saponins, which produce the neurotransmitter (acetylcholine), which positively affects the functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

What Gotukola is useful for?

• Stimulation of mental activity, restoration of brain cells
• Restoration of damaged tissues, rapid healing of wounds and tightening of sutures after surgery. The effect is provided due to the influx of blood to the place of injury
• Beneficial effect on vessels, with varicose veins
• Getting rid of stress, depression, reducing panic attacks
• Normalization of the cardiovascular system, help with hypertension
• Treatment and restoration of damaged hair
• Getting rid of cellulite;
• Fighting stomach ulcers and even some cancers
• Women need to know that Gotukola extract, consumed in the form of tea or tincture, affects the production of collagen, which helps to stay young for a long time.

Indications for Gotukola capsules

Problems with memory, intelligence, efficiency. Gotukola extract when eaten helps to improve memory and increase mental activity.
Triterpenoids, which are part of the plant, help heal any wounds, burns, postoperative sutures. They strengthen the skin, restore the affected tissue. If you use gotukolu after surgery, then chances are high that you will not have deep scars. Similarly, the plant facilitates the consequences of burns with timely use.
Increase in blood pressure. Gotukola helps to reduce pressure and activate the work of the heart muscle.
Phlebeurysm. If you started to notice the first manifestations of this disease on your feet, it is worthwhile to think about applying gotukola.
Mental illness, epilepsy, anxiety. Experiments with gotukoloy scientists conducted in public with an increased state of anxiety. After using the plant, subjects less irritated with loud sounds, gradually they left a feeling of unreasonable anxiety, sleep improved. However, to achieve this result, it was necessary to give a fairly high dose of the drug.
Skin aging. Gotukola in Sri Lanka is used as a part of ointments and creams to prevent or stop the withering of the skin, remove the «orange peel» in problem areas, as well as in facial scrubs and masks in order to combat wrinkles. The processes of skin aging are slowing down, the renewal of collagen fibers is improved and the synthesis of hyaluronic acid begins to occur more actively.
Other indications for gotukola: rheumatism, hemorrhoids, cervical dysplasia, urogenital infections, menopause, obesity, myopia.

Suggested Use:
• 2 capsules a day after meals, with plenty of water.

Contraindications: pregnancy and lactation.

We offer delivery to your country of small and medium-sized batches of Ayurvedic drug Gotukola by Naturelle.
Weight of small parcels — from 500gr. to 30 kg.

There is a scale of discounts for each quantity-weighted lot volume.

Volume — 60 capsules per pack (1 month course)


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