Fairever Mantra Fairness Cream

New Fairever Mantra Fairness Cream brings you the best natural, time-tested ingredients from all over South Asia. The composition of the cream is the result of intensive work of experts in the exercise on health and beauty Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani.
Fairever Mantra Fairness Cream combines the power of various traditional herbal ingredients, confirmed by modern science, to make your skin noticeably healthier, younger and more attractive.

Main ingredients: ginger, saffron, milk, mangiste, aloe juice, orange oil, red sandalwood, rose water, honey, lime juice, almond oil, licorice, broad leaf lemon balm, ecliptic white, calendula.

Words are superfluous. It is the care of nature itself about your beauty and skin health!

We offer delivery to your country of small and medium-sized parties of Ayurvedic cream Fairever Mantra Fairness Cream. The weight of small parcels is from 5 to 30 kg. The cost of the shipment includes delivery to the destination.

There is a scale of discounts for each quantity and weight of the batch.

Volume — 25 ml.


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