Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin

Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin is a wonderful multivitamin cream with an extended formula.
Thanks to the basis of this cream, it is intended to fill the needs of dry and mixed skin types. However, for oily skin this is too occlusive cream, and can increase the number of acne and acne.

For a dry skin type, this seems to be one of the best moisturizing creams, while it does not leave greasy stains, is well absorbed and mats the skin.

For combinated skin, you can apply the cream in dry weather, as well as in winter.

With increased pigmentation of the skin, white tones appear quite soon, and you will get an impeccable complexion.
The Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin cream gives you instant matte look with a little white skin. This helps you look more fresh instantly, hiding dark spots.

Truly natural multi-vitamin cream with vitamins E, C, B3, B6, it is enriched additionally with vitamin K to eliminate dark circles under the eyes.
Protection from the sun is provided by the addition of cream titanium dioxide, BMDM and OMS-complexes.

We offer delivery to your country of small and medium batches of Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin cream. The weight of small parcels is from 5 to 30 kg. The cost of the shipment includes delivery to the destination.

There is a scale of discounts for each quantity and weight of the batch.

Volume — 25 g. and 50 gr.


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