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Kahandawa Purana Rajamaha Viharaya

Kahandawa Purana Rajamaha Viharaya is an ancient Buddhist temple located in the Kahandava district in Rekawa, on the way TissamaharamaTangalle . The temple belongs to the department of the secretariat of the Tangalle district.
Vihara goes back to the early period Anuradhapura. This is evidenced by the inscriptions on the old Sinhalese language, carved into stone on the Brahmi alphabets, found on the site of the temple. According to legends, the temple got its name from the yellow eel. As they say, the eel of yellow color was the keeper of the treasures enclosed inside the ancient temple daghoba. The rock on which the Dagobah is based still keeps three inscriptions dating back to the 2nd-3rd centuries AD.

Jayasumanaramaya Temple in Gurupokuna

Real culture and the art of Sri Lanka should be sought in its remote places, far away from trampled trails. And although in recent years Deep South of the country is experiencing a real boom in the construction of tourist infrastructure facilities, this is a little influenced the traditional way of life of local residents.
The home region of Lankarus, as we have repeatedly written, is a rich area, a real fountain for lovers of contrasting landscape and natural recreation in a variety of landscapes, ancient monuments, unique microclimate of the semi-dry zone. Traveling to Ruhuna is possible year-round: this area is not subject to pronounced the influence of the south-west and north-east winds. This is a significant advantage for the tourist industry, which continuously receives guests all year round, without looking back at the monsoon rains of other regions of the country. There are almost no precipitations and annual temperature differences, like in the west, east of the island or in its mountainous part. From Tangalle to Hambantota stretches a unique «Belt of the Sun» where you can enjoy the dazzling rays on the chic equatorial beaches for at least 350 days a year!

Rekawa. The Ruhuna Golden Waters

Sri Lanka is so densely populated that it is not always easy for a tourist to understand where one village ends and another locality begins. The Deep South of the country is not so densely populated, but here, especially in coastal areas, these boundaries are almost erased.
However, in the area of Ruhuna there is one of the unique places where the separation of two settlements occurred due to a natural reason — because of the people who are separated by the lagoon. So there were two settlements — on the left bank — Rekawa, on the right bank — Kahandamodara. The Urubokka Oya River, originating in the Ranna area, flows smoothly into a picturesque water basin, forming a lagoon and its runoff directly to the Indian Ocean, exactly at the point between the eastern Rekawa and Modara and Galawagagoda regions in Kahandamodara.

Tangalle. The Deep South of Sri Lanka

Tangalle (in Sinhala: Tan-galla, තංගල්ල) is a small seaside town 35 km. east of Matara. This is a fairly well-known settlement thanks to the oldest fish port, which is located in one of the best and largest bays on the island, and which protected from the ocean by a closed reef. With beautiful beaches, good opportunities for swimming and more than reasonable diving, it's no wonder that for several years this holiday destination has become a hit among vacationers in Sri Lanka, having won the lion's share of tourists on the bored and crowded, bustling west and south-west coast.
Tangalle today is the most popular destination on the southern coast. Some say that the name comes from two words «ran» and «gala,» that is, "Gold Rock." The legend refers to the time when a certain holy person participated in a ritual meal, and in gratitude for the food given to him turned stones into gold. Others argue that the name of the city means "Protective Rock", because long since the city was protected from the waves of the ocean by a long stony slab that projected into the sea through the mouth of the bay.

Kahandamodara. The Ruhuna Pearl

We have already shared with you the the description of wonders of Ruhuna — Sri Lanka's ancient territory in the deep south. The necklace of pearls Ruhuna has one very bright and charming — it's great Kahandamodara. This settlement is located south of the A2 highway between Ranna and Nonagama at Hambantota district, just 15 km. from the town of Tangalle.

Whatever is said about the high rate of urbanization of the island, even in densely populated areas remained untouched corners of nature, pristine beaches and it is traditional way of life. Here, even in comparison with neighboring noisy, dirty and indifferent Tangalle with its not the best beach, is another Sri Lanka. Just 20 minutes drive from this stifling town, and you're in an unusual place.

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