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To take a walk on the traditional Oruwa boat off the coast of Sri Lanka is not difficult in any part of the island. Often almost any fisherman is ready to ride tourists on the warmest ocean waves, average for 5 thousand rupees for 40-50 minutes. Romantic, exotic, unusual… continue this emotional range you can yourself. But the main issues are two — the professionalism of the oarsman or the motor and your safety. Who will bear responsibility for it? You can put all the risks on your own shoulders, as most likely will be. Then the next question is whether you come tothe distant island to not have any insurance guarantee for the risks of rest on the water?

Astology And Cults in Sri Lanka

The fact remains the fact. The title nation of Sri Lanka — Sinhalese — is very superstitious. And every important event in religious, social and even family life must be checked with the heavenly clock and planets. To fix the date of a very important transaction or wedding, naming a newborn or bookmarking the first stone in the home construction — all this in Sri Lanka is strictly observed and is taken into account in our days.

Astronomical knowledge and astrological science of Sinhalese are of Indian origin. Here we find the same basic concepts in India as the celestial bodies, their motion, the same ways of taking into account changes in the star sky, the principles of building a calendar.

Ridi Raja Maha Viharaya

Ridi Vihara is a Buddhist cave temple, located near the village of Ridigama, which is 19 km away. to the north-east of Kurunegala — the administrative center of the North-Western Province.
The Ridi Vihara complex consists of two objects: located near the high rock of buildings and cave temples — actually Ridi Vihara, and located slightly in the side of the low rock hill Sarasum Gala with a stupa and ancient cave cells.
The history of the Ridi Vihara dates back to the 2nd century BC, as evidenced by the rock carvings found here, made with ancient Brahmi letters.
The name of the village verbatim from Sinhalese means «Silver Village» (Ridi — «silver» + Gama «village»), and the names of the temple complex, as «Silver Temple» (Ridi + Vihara), which is associated with the legend of the miraculous discovery of a deposit of silver. The description of this story is given in the Sinhala «Great Chronicle» — Mahavamsa.

Mirijjawila Dry Zone Botanic Gardens

Dry Zone Botanic Gardens in Mirijjawila — one of the six botanical gardens in Sri Lanka. Other botanical gardens — Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens, Hakgala Botanical Garden, Agro-Technology Park and Botanical Garden in Bata Atha , Henarathgoda Botanical Garden and Sithawaka Botanical Garden.

Mirijjawila Dry Zone Botanic Gardens is located on the main road Colombo — Kataragama, about 6 km. from Hambantota. It lies between Mattala International Airport to the left of it and the Hambantota Bay — to the right of it.

National Zoological Gardens Dehiwala

Perhaps, every capital city of any state has ecologically clean recreational zones and territories of special relation to animals, and, of course, a zoo. The capital of Sri Lanka Colombo proudly owns one of the oldest and largest zoos in Asia.
In one of the nearest suburbs of Colombo — Dehiwala — the eponymous National Zoological Garden of Dehwala is located. It is situated to the southeast of the business district of Colombo Wellawatta in easy accessibility, both by transport and on foot. This is especially easy if you stopped yourself in Colombo-Wellawatta, Dehiwala or Mount Lavinia.

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