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Climate — The average temperature remains within 30 degrees Celsius with a humidity level of 70%.
Accommodation — Many participants in the resort market have realized in recent years a lot of opportunities for the reception and entertainment of guests. Resorts of the east of Sri Lanka are most recommended for lovers of warm and calm sea, dazzling white beaches and rest in new hotels.
Food and Beverages — The extensive menu offered by the east of the country is fresh seafood dishes. Just a gourmet find! Many hotels offer both international cuisine and delicious local cuisine. Beach barbecues are also popular on the east coast of Sri Lanka.
Stores — Fresh seafood is the best purchase for the kitchen in the cities of the east. Freshly caught strange seafood can be purchased from fishermen by boat.

East Coast — Beautiful turquoise shades of crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches are undeniable trademarks of the east coast. Undoubtedly, this is the most picturesque of all coastlines. Eastern seaside landscapes fully compete with Maldives, sometimes even surpassing them in beauty! Trio of towns Nilaveveli, Arugam Bay and Passikudah — the most popular beaches in these places. The main city of the eastern coast Trincomalee is one of the best natural harbors. Calm clean waters and beautiful coral reefs make these beaches ideal for scuba diving.
Trincomalee — One of the main shallow natural harbors in the world. This city remains a business port city since the time of the ancient kingdoms in the territory of Sri Lanka.
Fort Fredrick — Fort Fredrik remained a great historical monument Trincomalee, and was built by the Portuguese. In consequence, he was captured by the Dutch, and then by the British.
Swami Rock — a steep cliff, which offers a beautiful view of the coastline and the city. This peak is a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva, in honor of which the most beautiful temple of Tirukoneshvar Kovil was built.
Lovers Lip — a tragic place where the young Dutch maiden committed suicide, unable to withstand the intolerable pain of parting with her knight. Another love story ended sadly…
The Dutch Gulf is a popular place where locals gather for a leisurely stroll in the evenings. Many colonial buildings are also visible from this point of the beach.
The Welhama Vehera temple is an ancient temple of ancient Buddhist artifacts.
NilaveliNorth of Trincomalee Nilaveli is the most popular eastern beach. The water is crystal clear. Shallow water allows tourists to go for hundreds of meters in the sea and makes this place popular for scuba diving. And white sandy beaches like Maldives make Nilaveli a great place for sun lovers.
Kanniyai Hot Springs is a sacred place for the Hindu community. It is believed that the local hot springs were created personally by the most revered god of the Hindu pantheon — Vishnu.
Pigeon Island — Hotel on an island 2 km from the coast Nilaveli. This island is ideal for scuba diving, diving and delicious ocean bathing.
Coral Island — The main well-preserved living reef hosted an abundance of colorful tropical fish. The best place on the island for scuba diving.
BatticaloaTo the south of Trincomalee there is a former Dutch fortress, which is popular because of clean beaches nearby, in Passikudah. This is a good place for swimming, since the waters of the ocean are calm here. The place is much like Maldives. And Batticaloa is real paradise for shopaholics. There are countless products, both from Sri Lanka itself and from neighboring India. Shopping in Batticaloa — this is a special purchase on the island.
Kalkudah / Passikudah — Beautiful beaches with clear calm waters are just ideal places for swimming and swimming. Passukuda Bay is a popular place for windsurfing and water skiing.
Fort Batticaloa — The Dutch built the Fort back in the times of colonization of Ceylon. It is well preserved and offers a breathtaking view of the Batticaloa lagoon.
Maduru Oya National Park — In the center of a huge park there is a natural water reservoir Maduru Oya. Various animals, such as elephants, deer, bears, deer live here in natural conditions. You can see here different kinds of birds, as well as several species of monkeys.
Gal Oya National Park — located in the center of Ampara district. This park is mainly interesting because there once was a holy monk on the lake on the lake. The lake was named Senanayake Samudra in his honor. Elephants are the main attraction here, besides the lake itself.
Maligawila — Located in the town of Monaragala, here are the remains of the monastery and two ancient Buddha statues carved from limestone that have been restored in recent years. Nearby these ancient shrines add the mystery of the former monastic complex.
Dathmal Vihara — Ancient stupa made of red brick. Clutch is reminiscent of the works of masters of the Polonnaruwa era.
Arugam BaySurfing — point, which ranks the 3 rd among the best beaches in the world now. Honorary line in the international ratings of the surf spots Arugam Bay is proudly confirmed at the prestigious competitions held annually.
Lahugala National Park — A popular place for watching elephants and an abundance of aquatic bird species.
Magul Maha Vihara — In the eastern jungle, this is a temple complex, which is often misnamed by the place where King Kavan Tissa and Queen Viharamahadevi tied the knot. But the complex is so magnificent that it does not even need any beautiful legends to excite the imagination!
Yala National Park — can boast a great variety animals, including elephants, deer, buffaloes, leopards, bears, many species of birds.
Kumana Bird And Nature Reserve is a paradise for aquatic species of birds, as in its center is Kumana Lake.
Okanda — Another surf point located 30 km from Arugam Bay. Here, too, there is a sanctuary dedicated to the Hindu God Kataragama. Okanda is believed to be the place where Lord Kataragama first dropped his holy feet on the island of Sri Lanka.
Kidumbigala Forest and Caves — Many caves that are in beautiful jungles were inhabited by monks back in ancient times.

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