Sri Lanka Unites Hearts

Michaela and Philipp. One more happy couple who decided to marry their hearts and to give the most important oaths on the shore of the fabulous Indian Ocean, which is almost 8 thousand kilometers from their home, on paradise Sri Lanka.
Of course, the celebration could pass at home. The restaurant in the south of Germany, a noisy crowd of guests and a completely traditional procession. But… thousands of couples go through it. And not only in Germany.
The Palace of Marriages, formal and beaten ceremonies, a plentiful (or not much) table and skating around the city to a monument (central park, embankment of the local river, or… what else is there) for a completely beaten photo shoot, which, well, will not differ from thousands of others. And in the photo album and in memory… Memory. After all, this once and for all. For long and very long years together. And what about Love? How about promises to give each other the best in the world, throw millions of stars at the feet of your beloved and to gift a piece of Paradise?..

Sri Lanka is one of the few places on the Earth where the wildest dreams of own wedding surpass all expectations. Why?
Not like any other fairy-tale nature, the equatorial abundant Sun all year round, tender and warm waters of the Indian Ocean, indescribable tropical night sky strewn with the twinkling of millions of stars. And all this for Two Lovers only! Everything, and even more, of what in the imagination of everyone is called a «dream of paradise.» Traditions of luxurious wedding ceremonies Sri Lanka carefully keeps for centuries. This is not just a formal ritual of exchanging rings and kisses. This is an ancient sacrament, in which dedicates those happy hearts that come to Sri Lanka, a whole lot of ceremonies masters, priests, skillful cooks, singers and dancers.

Michaela and Philipp were worried in the early morning: will everything go smoothly, is it as planned, as dreamed? Our Lankarus team was also worried, the whole staff of Turtle Bay Boutique Hotel, too. Every ceremony is a responsibility. We really wanted to give young people something special, putting our hearts on their special day. But the excitement was indeed in vain. Turtle Bay, as the leader of the southern coast Sri Lanka in the field of leisure, entertainment and holidays, prepared for lovers an ocean of surprises this time.
It's nice to wake up in a room overlooking the boundless ocean and coconut garden singing to thousands of tropical birds and wondering. All right! These decorations and decorations are just for you, newlyweds! The fragrance of the morning flowers in the vase, a basket of fresh fruits. Let all this set the tone for your most important and solemn day.

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The dazzlingly brilliant shining Michaela in the white dress of the bride looked stunning. Philipp did not conceal his delight at how the bride was taken away for him. And when the finishing touches on the preparatory picture were completed, the main mystery began. Full Sri Lankan splendor, color and exotics. According to the age-old tradition, the staff of the Kandiyan drummers, singers and dancers are the first to meet the groom, accompanying him with ritual dance and chanting to the place of the main upcoming celebration — the place where the puja (sacred mystery) rites are performed. The groom must accompany the appointed witness. As soon as the grandeur in honor of the head of the future family is completed, the procession is sent to the bride's meeting. In the company of the witness and the orchestra she was accompaned to the place of rituals, where they are already waiting for the groom and his witness.

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According to the established Western tradition, at the beginning all necessary documents are signed for the registration of marriage by registry office of Sri Lanka. In the beginning, witnesses put their signatures in the book of marriage registration acts, then the owner of the hotel where the ceremony takes place. This is necessary in order to assure the legality of the registration of marriage. Later the papers are sent to the embassy of the country, of which the newlyweds are citizens. There is also a process of legalization of the Marriage Certificate, which is recognized as official and has full legal force in any country of the world.
In the presence of the registrar, the bride and the groom say, perhaps, the main vows in their life — Love and Faithfulness to each other until the last breath. The incredibly touching part of the celebration flows smoothly into that unique and unusual thing that newlyweds can experience in Sri Lanka only — a traditional ceremony.

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To the sounds of the mantras in Pali — the language of the sacred texts the gestures of the priest-pujari blessing fell and the groom and bride step on the wedding platform called Poruva. Invocation of the forces of nature and protection of marriage by the heavens, appeal to Buddha for favoring the young — all this causes Michaela and Philipp genuine excitement and a sense of solemnity of the moment. The holy knot of the golden thread of the pujari is fastened by the little fingers of the bride and groom, and then pours their hands from the jug with coconut milk, blessing them on the unity of the soul and body. The piercing sound of the shell informs Heaven and Earth of the validity of the ceremony and the birth of a new family. Henceforth, following the Sinhalese tradition, the husband and wife are one.
After the exchange of rings and the first permitted sweet kiss under the rays of the dazzling southern sun and in the embraces of a dizzying breeze in the warm ocean, it is customary to present a chorus of girls performing majestic and blessing hymns with small gifts.
The newlyweds light an oil lamp, as a symbol of the beginning of a bright, long and strong life together.

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Applause and the warmest wishes of witnesses and guests invite Michael and Phillipp to the sumptuous table. But to begin with, a big surprise is a huge cake as a gift from the Turtle Bay team for the husband and wife and all the guests. And, of course, champagne!
Traditionally, there is an abundance of sweets and fruits on the Sri Lankan wedding table. The first dishes should be tasted by newly-born spouses and witnesses of marriage. Then, sweet foods should be generously shared with all who came to congratulate the culprits of the celebration. The priest, singers, dancers and drummers accept the delicious gifts first, and then all the guests join in to the meal, congratulating the newlyweds heartily and thanks to them for their goodies.

At the end of the meal, the young couple are left alone. For the first time after a unique and eventful day. But what a fabulous day without the smentioned above Memory? After a year, two, ten or thirty years the couple will want to flip through the pages of the wedding album, and refresh their memory with precious moments in paradise. Refresh the senses. Show to children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Let the smiles of joyful memories be shared by everyone who takes up this amazing wedding album. Michaela and Philipp, with one for two happy smile, will say: This was our fairy tale, in our personal paradise, in our Sri Lanka. March 3, 2016…

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Admire the lovers. Dream. And strive to create your own personal fairy tale in Sri Lanka. The formula of your unique wedding is simple: Lankarus, Turtle Bay Boutique Hotel, your personal photographer Tulhan Wickramanayake. Begin to build your own family nest in Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary, on the shores of your personal paradise island…

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Photo by Tulhan Wickramanayake. Granted by the author only for Lankarus Lanka Private Limited. Using the photo without notice to Tulhan Wickramanayake Photography and Lankarus is strictly prohibited.

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