Yoga in Southern Sri Lanka

Yoga — the totality and combination of various spiritual, psychic and physical practices in Hinduism and Buddhism. They are aimed at controlling the mental and physiological functions of the body to achieve a person's elevated spiritual and mental state. Yoga is widespread in Buddhism, which is characterized by ascetic practices, spiritual exercises and states of trance. In Yogachara Buddhism (Sanskrit, Pali: «yoga practice»), the philosophical school of Buddhism that appeared in India in the 5th century, yoga is the basis of the practice leading to the path of a bodhisattva. In this school, yoga is practiced for the sake of enlightenment.

Outside of India and Sri Lanka, the word «yoga» is often associated only with hatha yoga and physical exercises — asanas. And this in no way reflects the spiritual and spiritual aspects of yoga. Often this is just a trendy trend or even an attraction, when a couple of friends for a company or a whole office team, having found, in their opinion, another original way of building a team building, go to «yoga courses». Smoking, noisy group fun, bad language during breaks between classes and subsequent collective snacks at the nearest fast food cafe after such courses have nothing to do with utility for the physical plan. And even more so — to achieve the main goal of yoga — the harmonization of the soul and body, finding peace, health and love for the world around us.


A person who is ready to really immerse himself / herself in the philosophy of yoga, to know this ancient, effective and useful knowledge for himself and others, certainly, is looking for an opportunity to go to the source of this knowledge — to South Asia. But in the conditions of modern civilization and here no one is immune from all kinds of surrogate ashrams, spiritual schools and the same express courses as at home.

It is very important, if you set out to improve the soul and body, to comprehend the wisdom of the ancient teaching, to ask in advance the place where you intend to go. You must and do have the right to know how experienced and wise your future Teacher and Mentor (not to be confused with the «trainer» and «yoga instructor»), how long he practices Knowledge and what personally he is willing to become useful in your search and for achieve the goal. In Asia, thousands of schools, hundreds of ashrams and yoga schools. Ask yourself, the instructor's certificate is all you need to have the right of access to your body and be responsible for the state of your soul? The experience of teaching (not to be confused with the «work experience as a yoga instructor») really guarantees you the accomplishment of your goals?


Buddhism teaches literally everything to be tested by experience. Yoga — the path of constant search, self-comprehension and the study of your «I am». You, going to Sri Lanka, can go to the nearest to your hotel yoga courses. Offers in abundance. For every taste and purse. Before making a decision, remember the simple: how will the courses at the hotel or in the group at the guest-house differ from those at your home? Do you like the price? The instructor is not your compatriot, but a Sri Lankan? Cool pictures to envy your girlfriends, in beautiful poses and with the background of tropical nature and the ocean?

You strive to know the nature of your «I am», to improve your health, to retract at least for a while from the hustle, bustle and stress of a big city, to put your thoughts and your physical form in order, to expand the horizon of your knowledge about yourself and the world from a completely unexpected side full of discoveries and new aspirations? Then you really need yoga. But in addition to the choice of Teacher, it is important and the place of training.
The noise of the ocean, the deserted sandy beach, the rustle of coconut palms, the first rays of the Sun in the East, caressing you with warmth on the shore, the fragrance of tropical flowers, the singing of thousands of birds… and your even, calm breathing, gaze directed inward, calmness, bliss and pacification…


Yoga in the homeland of the greatest world doctrine of the harmony of the soul and body. The first and only yoga ashram in the Deep South of Sri Lanka. Tune in to turn your life under the guidance of your personal guru. Very soon. And only at Lankarus.

Instead of afterword
Mr. Sam Kankanamage, Director of the London project Breath of Life personally invited to the homeland, Sri Lanka, the participants of this project.
Knowing the ideal place to expand the opportunities for all guests to take care of their health and well-being, the group received the best of Ayurvedic procedures. Participants engaged in Kundalini yoga, and hospitality awakened the consciousness of the guests for the transformation.
Turtle Bay, Kalamatiya is a friendly boutique hotel chosen by the group, which is a tropical paradise.
Overlooking the chameleon of the Indian Ocean and miles of pristine beaches in 214 kilometers south of Colombo.
Lush and peaceful gardens of the hotel, hospitality and a swimming pool have pleased the guests, and
the invigorating sunrises and sunsets made the stay here breathtaking deep in the south of the country.
Specialists of Breath of Life, osteopaths, acupuncturists, Ayurvedic doctors, Ayurvedic masseurs, Ayurvedic instructors and teachers of yoga, received comprehensive assistance tailored to individual needs for everyone. There were soothing massages, procedures, prescribed herbal medicines, dietary recommendations, healing programs, intensive courses of daily Kundalini yoga and meditation practice.
In this video, a small report on the stay of the group at Turtle Bay Boutique Hotel in Kalametiya

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