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As we have previously underlined, the specificity of Sri Lanka lies in the fact that the country does not have a single register of land plots, and there is no standard document confirming the cleanliness of a site. In each province of Sri Lanka, there is a branch of the land register, which is responsible only for a particular region. For example, if you want to purchase aland or a property in the Tangalle area, then you need to check the legal status of the site or building in Tangalle. The marking of storage in the office of the registration document, as a rule, is indicated only in the Sinhalese documentation. For foreigners, this is a certain complexity. Firstly, not all property owners are ready to provide transparent information about the place of storage of the history of the land plot and its fixation in the so-called Paththiru. And even if you can get close to the records, you can hardly read them. In any case, these issues are dealt with by lawyers and lawyers of our company independently, excluding your worries and time in this matter. In addition, at the preliminary stage of site selection and negotiations with its owner (-s) we are present at all stages, as the executives of or company speak Sinhala.

Naththal - Sri Lankan Christmas

Millions of Christians around the world are waiting for Christmas, as one of the greatest and most culminating holidays of the whole year. If the Europeans are preparing for the main celebration of the Christian calendar for a month before the offensive, marking every Saturday Advent, until December 24, then in tropical Sri Lanka, where Christian communities are represented by several concessions, everything looks even more exotic and colorful.
Western and the south-westen coasts of the island are mostly populated by Christians, or at least in every town there is a church or a Christian parish. Arriving, for example, to Negombo in the third decade of December, you find yourself in a true fairy tale in which it is even hard to believe: a majestic Indian Ocean, thousands of coconut palms and lush tropical vegetation… but everywhere Catholic, Protestant, Baptist temples and churches, the courtyards and facades of which are rich and with Asian flavor decorated with illumination, figures on topics of biblical stories with the stories of the Jesus birth. In combination with monuments period Portuguese and Dutch colonization in excellent preservation it is difficult match. Southern Europe in miniature almost at the equator!

Holidays of Sri Lanka

Festivals and holidays of Sri Lanka are so colorful, exotic, bright and unique, that to read about them is just to try to imagine a picture of what is happening during this or that event. In reality, Sri Lankans are so skilled craftsmen to organize holidays, that you should definitely visit at least one of them during your travel to Sri Lanka. None of the festivities or festive rituals will not leave you indifferent, but leave a deep and indelible mark of colorful memories of the island of wonders for years to come. The Lankarus team just tried to compile a brief overview of the most significant days in the annual Sri Lankan calendar.

Thai Pongal
Thai Pongal or Pongal is a harvest festival that is celebrated in Sri Lanka at the end of the harvest season. This is one of the most important holidays celebrated by the Tamils of the country. On this day Tamil peasants honor the Sun God Suryapakarana.

Sri Lanka Unites Hearts

Michaela and Philipp. One more happy couple who decided to marry their hearts and to give the most important oaths on the shore of the fabulous Indian Ocean, which is almost 8 thousand kilometers from their home, on paradise Sri Lanka.
Of course, the celebration could pass at home. The restaurant in the south of Germany, a noisy crowd of guests and a completely traditional procession. But… thousands of couples go through it. And not only in Germany.
The Palace of Marriages, formal and beaten ceremonies, a plentiful (or not much) table and skating around the city to a monument (central park, embankment of the local river, or… what else is there) for a completely beaten photo shoot, which, well, will not differ from thousands of others. And in the photo album and in memory… Memory. After all, this once and for all. For long and very long years together. And what about Love? How about promises to give each other the best in the world, throw millions of stars at the feet of your beloved and to gift a piece of Paradise?..

The New Hotel Classification System

To the 50th anniversary of the Sri Lanka Tourism Authority, its chairman has prepared radical changes that could become revolutionary in reforming the hotel classification system, thereby giving a new leap and impetus to the rapid development of a quality" star «hotel sector of the country.

Sri Lanka Tourism Office (SLTDA) will take steps to introduce a new hotel classification system within the next few months. Chairman of the SLTDA, a veteran of the hotel business, Mr. Paddy Withana can be congratulated on the fact that he was able to drag this long, exaggerated piece of legislation to improve standards of hotels of Sri Lanka.

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